Published on Thu, 06/13/2024 - 13:33

Would you like to increase the stability and speed of your internet traffic and offer your employees and/or customers an even better user experience?
Then it would be interesting for your company to connect to BNIX, the Belgian internet exchange managed by Belnet.

Through BNIX you can take advantage of direct connections to Belgian internet service providers such as Proximus, Telenet, Colt, VOO/Brutele and international content and cloud providers such as Akamai, Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix or other interesting companies.

Discover which companies are already connected to the BNIX platform today at our participants page.

At this moment, we have a special summer offer for new participants connecting to the BNIX platform: you get a 20% discount on the monthly rate (see: BNIX pricing) for every new port ordered between June 21 and September 21 2024. This reduced tariff remains valid until end 2024.


So do not wait any longer and join BNIX!

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