BNIX mission is to optimize the speed and efficiency of internet traffic in Belgium at a minimal cost. The BNIX platform interconnects its participants in the most transparent, secure, and performant way. Become a BNIX partner and help us grow our platform, both in terms of geographical reach and number of participants.

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To guarantee the exchange of Internet traffic, BNIX (Belgian National Internet eXchange) is deployed across 3 sites in and around Brussels. This distribution is a guarantee of reliability. If there is a problem on a site, the two others continue the activities.


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BNIX resellers

As a reseller partner of BNIX, you provide both the access to our platform and the contractual relationship to your customers. The whole customer relationship stays with you and you are free to price and bundle services as you like.

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IX partnerships

BNIX offers on request access to other Internet eXchanges. A secure and cost-efficient solution to connect directly to your peers, customers or business partners who are connected to the other Internet eXchange.

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