As a financial institution, you want to offer your customers an optimal user experience without compromising safety, reliability and control. Thanks to BNIX, you can make direct connections with about 60 other companies, thereby maintaining control.

If you rely upon transit providers, you have little control over the route that your data takes. If your data follow a complex route, that can make your digital services slower, less reliable and more expensive. Peering with local ISPs guarantees that you are physically close to your customers, and you lower the latency. Your customers immediately enjoy a better user experience on all your digital platforms. Thanks to peering, your local traffic doesn't exceed international borders unnecessarily, which benefits the safety and confidentiality of your data.

To guarantee continuity, the BNIX infrastructure is spread over three neutral data centres. If a problem arises in one location, communication is still possible via the other locations. In addition, your connection to the BNIX platform is monitored 24/7.

BNIX lowered its rates for connections starting at 1G and for all extra (back-up) ports on 1 January 2020. This makes it even more interesting to connect to BNIX or to upgrade.

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