The 12th BNIX Networking Event took place on September 28th. Nearly 60 participants enjoyed a pleasant evening at the prestigious Palace of Charles of Lorraine and were able to attend, among others, presentations by Tom Strickx, Principal Network Engineer (Cloudflare) and Marcel De Beule, Managing Partner (WAN-connect).

You will find below the presentations of the BNIX Networking Event.

Thank you all for your participation !

Selfie with all BNIX event participants


Welcome to the 12th edition of the BNIX Networking Event!

Frédéric Libotte (BNIX/Belnet) (AS2611)

Technical stuff

Stefan Gulinck (BNIX/Belnet) (AS2611)

Cloudflare at BNIX

Tom Strickx (Cloudflare) (AS13335)

Evolution or Revolution

Marcel De Beule (WAN-connect) (AS50083)

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