Due to the extensive use of cloud services these days, there is a strong need for a stable internet connection. Thanks to BNIX you can establish direct connections with the networks that your end users use, thereby offering them guaranteed service quality.

As a provider of cloud or web hosting services, you want to offer your users fast, efficient and safe access to your platforms. By connecting to BNIX, you lower the latency and bring your services to your users more quickly.

With a connection to BNIX, you immediately get access to different cooperation options with the more than 60 participants that are active on the platform. Our route server ensures that peering becomes even easier.

BNIX lowered its rates for connections starting at 1G and for all extra (back-up) ports on 1 January 2020. This makes it even more interesting to connect to BNIX or to upgrade.

“As a leading web hosting service provider, we think it is crucial to continue investing in the best connections for our clients. We already peer with major parties on several different internet exchanges. That redundant infrastructure allows us to guarantee our clients the accustomed business continuity. Other important reasons for joining the BNIX platform were its stability and low latency, which ensure the maximum efficiency of the website and other apps. Finally, we can significantly reduce the number of points of failure thanks to the direct connections with other BNIX participants.”

Stijn Claerhout (CTO at Combell)

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